9. December 2016


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Why do we need donations?

The project Zokkerbude.de started in 2011. We had always been able to maintain the server via a non-profite-licence, until teamspeak changed the terms of agreement.
In order to be able to maintain Zokkerbude.de, we are being forced to use a commercial license. This licence is connected to fees for the team.
That’s why we are asking you – our community, to support us in order to maintain first-class support, service, stay and keeping the server running for a few more years.

How high are the costs to maintain the Server?

In order to offer the required number of 512 slots we need a license. You can have a look at the costs right HERE

  • After your first donation you will receive an exclusive label.
  • This label lasts forever   spende
  • The rights for subscribers will last as long as, their subscription is active.
  • Subscribers will receive the ZB-Coffeecup as additional icon.  kaffeetasse
  • If you abuse your rights, your special rights will be removed immediately!

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Donate a amount in a monthly interval via PayPal (credit card needed)

If you consider a monthly subscription, please contact an admin.


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Notice : Processing time – up to 48 hours
Attention : To receive your rights, contact an admin.

Feel free and donate a amount, if you want. – We appreciate every single donation!

THANK YOU for your awesome support!

Any questions?

If we couldn’t answer all your questions, feel free to contact us

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